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10 Do’s in Keeping Your Boyfriend interested

THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS IN KEEPING YOUR BOYFRIEND INTERESTED, yet women complain that MOST guys have a short attention span.

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You are searching for answers, men are hard to understand is your conclusion, and so you conclude that you will never get it right, so you stop trying, but you are reading this so you are still in the hunt.

There are some things that expert will not be able to see as they are most times theoretical, however a little experience can go a far way. Read on and see if you agree with some things that will contribute to Keeping Your Boyfriend interested.

Just stop!

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Why are you reminding this man who you are ready for a serious relationship, that you are not messing around, that you do not want any man who is not willing to put a ring on it? The harder you squeeze the more he will want to wriggle away. He is cute, he has all the attributes that you like in a man, however do not chase him, how on earth is he going to chase you. That was a don’t ouch! So let us start now if that is okay with you.

1. Ask this question every day

Keeping Your Boyfriend interested

How was your day, hon? Yep, it sounds cliché, but if this nightly ritual has fallen off your radar then consider bringing it back. Sharing this little chat every night really can improve your relationship, says psychologist Angela Hicks, PhD, of Westminster University. She’s found that couples who discuss recent positive events with each other feel happier the next day, with increased feelings of intimacy and connection to their partners. Keeping Your Boyfriend interested sometimes just require a simple phone call.

2. Laugh over his jokes

Keeping Your Boyfriend interested

When people laugh at the same thing, they validate each other’s opinions,” says lead author Doris Bazzini, PhD. “And inside jokes or pet names—things others just don’t ‘get’—strengthen ties between couples.” Bonding over these moments builds a reservoir of joyful memories that can serve as a buffer against tough times. Okay so what if his joke is corny, laugh anyway.

3. Don’t freak out over a fight

Keeping Your Boyfriend interested

If you’ve been under each other’s skin more than usual (and more than you’d like), it’s not necessarily time to panic or rush break it off. Feeling irritated with one another is almost always a sign that you’re healthfully engaged, not drifting apart, according to a University of Michigan study. “It means you’ve become comfortable expressing yourself over time,” says study co-author Kira Birditt, PhD. “Relationships that are close and positive can also be very irritating.” That said, if you or your spouse resorts to name-calling or frequent yelling, such behaviour may be a sign of a problem worth addressing.

4. Fight right and fair.

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When researchers recently studied disagreements among 154 couples (all married 15 or more years), they found that pairs who used plural pronouns—such as we, us, and our—during an argument were more likely to express positive feelings and report less mental stress afterward. Conversely, those who preferred using “I” during a spat were more likely to have negative emotions and report dissatisfaction. “Using ‘we language’ during a disagreement may help couples align themselves on the same team, as opposed to being adversaries,” says lead investigator Benjamin Seider. Want you man to feel validated, use the ‘us’ word instead of the ‘I’.

5. Celebrate each other’s successes


Do you smile when your partner comes home with a pat on the back from his boss or nudges his golf handicap down a point or two? Good, say UCLA psychologists, because the way you receive your significant other’s exciting news may be even more important than how you react during a crisis. So he scored a high score playing Candy Crush, your reaction, grow up! Be excited for him, it will translate into other areas.

6. Kiss him

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I know, you have been dating for years, kissing is boring now, or you both never take the time to kiss anymore, unless of course you both plan to do it, however, just kiss him because and remind of the first day you met.

7. Listen, don’t just wait to talk

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Men get the bad rap for never listening, but admit it: You can probably use a bit of a refresher course too. In fact, Harvard researchers say that couples who express the most empathy and affection are most likely to stay together for the long haul. To become a better listener, try these tips:

  • Be a mirror. When your partner expresses his feelings, show that you’re listening by paraphrasing. Start with “Let me see if I’ve got that: You feel…”
  • Resist the urge to interrupt. “Instead of ‘Are you through now?’ try ‘Is there more to that?’ “says Hendrix. “This shows your partner that he can feel open and safe with you.” Of course, saying it calmly helps too.
  • Validate his POV. Finish with “I can imagine that because of [fill in the situation], you feel [angry, sad, guilty, etc.].”
8. Get closer to his friends

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Of course you’re tight with the couple friends you share, but we bet your partner has close work friends or basketball buddies you don’t know too well—and research suggests you should. The more a couple’s friends and family intermingle, the happier spouses are, according to research that examined the social circles of 347 couples. ” I know, that friend is smelly and obnoxious, you do not have to hug him or talk up in his face, just accept him.

9. Always remember the passion

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Staying intimate and romantically connected is one of the surest things you can do for a happy lasting relationship. But about one-third of couples in suffer from low sex drive or desire, and getting things back on track isn’t always as simple as splurging on a new negligee or booking a bed-and-breakfast getaway. However, many experts agree that simply putting sex back on your radar can help—the more you do it, the more you’ll want to.

10. Show him respect

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Finally ladies, the last relationship advice tip is don’t take one another for granted. Don’t think that just because you have been together for a while, you’ll always be together. You want to live every day like it’s your last with your partner. He doesn’t even deserve it, however he is your man for that reason alone, respect him.


I know I am truly guilty of one or more of these relationship advice tips, but I’m working on it. If you are in a relationship, maybe you should take some of these relationship advice tips to heart and really work on your relationship. What other dos and can you ladies think of? Come on, share with me! I really want to learn, so say something in the reply section so that I can put it together for another blog for another day

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