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4 Ways in Finding Happiness

Very recently I had the privilege of preaching at a small church in St. Catherine and in the sermon I latched on to a concept that I thought was very interesting. Most of my younger life I searched for happiness. I thought having great friends, a fast car, a mansion of a home, the perfect partner and probably a dream job would have done it for me, but I was going in the wrong direction because with the exception of a few of those things, I had the experience of most.

Ways in Finding Happiness

Then I discovered in the sermon four things that guaranteed my happiness, so let me share with you.

Today whether you are single, married, if you want to know God’s plan for the family I want to leave you with four guiding principles for determining God’s will for your joy and ultimately your happiness.

The first principle for receiving God’s guidance is knowing God’s Word.

We must have a thorough knowledge of God’s will and purposes to help direct our actions and decisions. That knowledge of God’s will comes first and foremost from God’s Word. God’s Word reveals God’s plan, principles and purposes. Knowledge of these is essential to even beginning to receive God’s guidance.

Psalm 119:9 reminds us , How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By Living according to God’s word.

The second principle for receiving God’s guidance is a commitment to God’s will.

It is one thing to know what God’s will is through His Word and another thing completely to be committed to doing His will without compromise. God guides us when we are committed to His will and not our own, no matter how difficult it sometimes is to do God’s will.

Read Proverbs 3:6 In the New Living Translation this verse is translated as Seek His will in all you do, and (then) He (The Lord) will direct your paths.”

Many times people find themselves out of God’s perfect will because when it comes right down to it they are not fully committed to His plan for their life. Ways in finding happiness is to depend on their knowledge of what they think will make them happy. They may pray, quote the Bible, and talk about seeking God’s will but in reality, they are seeking God’s approval of their plan. God will work supernaturally in your life to bring about His plans, as He did Isaac and Rebekah, but only when your purpose and total commitment is to do His will!

Ways in Finding Happiness

The third principle for receiving God’s guidance is trusting in God’s Ways.

Trust is absolutely essential if you are to be led by God because you will never maintain your commitment to obeying Him and waiting on Him unless you really trust in Him. You must trust that He will provide everything necessary to fulfil His will for your life in His own way. This trust is essential to being directed by God as this story attests to what the Bible also says in Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”;

You will not be directed by God unless you are committed to Him and trust in Him to provide for His will to be fulfilled in your life. Whether the issue is marriage, ministry, or some other life issue, we must trust God to supernaturally and providentially arrange the circumstances at the right time and in the right way.

Ways in Finding Happiness

The fourth principle for receiving God’s guidance is to pray for God’s Wisdom.

I believe that God will direct our circumstances so that His will is successfully fulfilled in our lives if we do our part of knowing His Word, committing to His Will, Trusting His Ways, and Pray for His Wisdom, that is the way we will certainly experience true happiness. 

This is very difference from any article I have done in the past, however, I can guarantee that if you follow these principles, it is just a matter of time before you will see the explosion of rewards that will come your way in all facets of your life, your happiness will come!

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