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5 Reasons why therapy is important

One of the inevitables of life are stressful situations, that is never going to change, from the beginning of time men struggle with issues, some as simple as Cain and Abel who were brothers and were mandated to make sacrifices, I am sure if Cain had a therapist he would not have killed his brother, that was just a silly reaction to being told to sacrifice an animal instead of giving ground provision.

Verbalizing your feelings does have a significant impact on the brain, research has proven that. Putting feelings into words can change a narrative, it can release endomorphs into your body and produce a feel-good effect that is even stronger than exercise.

You have decided to take the plunge of talking it out, we have a therapist and we have life coaching of which I am, sometimes it is difficult to decide which is better for you, but I would not focus on that, I would try them both and see what works.

Therapists, whether classified as psychologists or counsellors, have varying master’s and doctorate degrees and are licensed by their state. With psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, licensed professionals focus on the long-term and work on ways to understand your thoughts, moods and behaviours.

Life coaches, on the other hand, are encouraged to obtain certification through an accredited program like the International Coaching Federation (although it’s not required as the profession isn’t regulated). And unlike with therapists, there are no degree requirements. Life coaches aim to motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in their clients. Many former psychologists and counsellors have gone on to become life coaches and interestingly enough some life coaches have gone the other way around.

Reasons why therapy is important to our growth and development is the same reason why doctors are important to our health.

I think what is important is what you get from therapy or life coaching, the only factor that sometimes is difficult to navigate is the cost factor, we can hardly buy food and clothes, counselling would probably be the last thing on our list, but it is more important that our minds are free and we are processing on optimum.

According to Dr David Spiegel, M.D., associate chair of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Stanford University, anyone should be open to seeking professional guidance when it comes to their emotional health. “We’re social creatures, fundamentally, so talking to people can be a real source of support and help,” Speigel says. “But it won’t happen if you don’t give it a try.”

Just as a life coach can help you formulate a plan to make a significant change in your life, therapy can help you develop a strategy to handle a current hardship you may be facing. Spiegel says that speaking with a professional allows you to look at any difficulty you may be facing, gaining tools in assisting you with facing those challenges.

“You learn about perspective on whatever the problem is you’re struggling with,” Spiegel explains. “You can see the problem without feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or sadness even though the problem is still there. In that way, therapy can help you recontextualize the problem you’re dealing with in order to make a strategy to help you move forward.”

Spiegel stresses the importance of doing a little research to find a licensed professional that aligns best with your situation — and to then embrace that person with an open mind. “There’s some stigma that you feel that you don’t need emotional support,” he says. “You don’t have to be severely mentally ill to get help. Talking with a professional can get you through difficult situations in life and you’re stronger if you do that.”

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