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7 Traits a Good Husband Should Have

Most if not all of us have never been given a blueprint on how to be a good husband. After the honeymoon has past and we get back into our usual routine, we are now discovering that the fantasy and the reality are very different. 

Traits a Good Husband

The vows that are made during the wedding ceremonies are not always followed through by people, but if you are the type of man who wants to be a good husband to the woman you cherish, it is not too late to rekindle the spark and make your woman know that you love her.

A mature relationship you would expect to hear words like, “I do not feel loved by you, I may not be attractive anymore, but you can pay me a compliment sometimes.” After the honeymoon we do experience some loss in the spark, we are constantly annoyed at the demands and we do feel the need to escape. 

Here are some tips that could help you be a better husband:

Be honest

Traits a Good Husband

An honest man makes for a wonderful husband. Telling your wife the truth, not hiding things from her and involving her in every aspect of your life will earn her trust and will ensure that you gain respect and honesty right back from her. It may not be necessary to explain things down to the last detail, but as much as possible make her a part of your processing. 

Be A Good Listener

Traits a Good Husband

Good listeners are genuinely curious and want to find out more about what their partner has to say. We aren’t asking questions to seem polite; we want answers, and they’re excited about how their partner will respond to the questions. If the relationship is not fulfilling this can be tricky, but you can start by practising it makes perfect, but if you want to be a good husband, active listening is certainly an area to explore in your marriage. 

Be Loyal

Traits a Good Husband

Loyalty is faithfulness; not just avoiding temptation (but that too), but being faithful in all of your promises, keeping your word, following through on your plans and sticking with your partner til the end. Loyalty is steadfastness; knowing you can rely on each other. Do your part and your partner will soon follow. A good husband will be faithful to his marriage. 

Be Proactive

Traits a Good Husband

You do not have to wait on your partner to prove herself for you to do nice things for her, do it because of you, do it because that is what a relationship requires to succeed, just do it because it makes you feel good to put a smile on her, just think about it, putting a smile on your wife’s face has to be up there with being a good husband?

Saying You are Sorry and Mean it. 

When a husband says “I am sorry“, it restores the dignity of the hurt person and makes them feel better. An apology may restore trust and understanding of a relationship because it contributes to a feeling of safety and makes both the receiver and the giver feel comfortable and respected.

Be Supportive

Being a strong and supportive husband is known to provide emotional help during stressful times, reduce stress, increase life span and give greater levels of happiness. It is important to have several people in an individual’s life that can give support when that support is coming from especially the person who is your for better or worse until death, the impact is generally greater than you could ever imagine. 

Be Compassionate

Traits a Good Husband

A man who can feel for others is very appealing to women, so be a compassionate man and show you care. It can be towards your wife and others as well. The more compassion you show, the more of a hero you will be to her. 

Traits a Good Husband

Traits of a good husband should not be complicated, once these simple steps are followed, you will see the immediate impact on your marriage. Presently we are caught in a pandemic, the constraints are breaking families left and right, remember that these constraints will come to an end but in the meantime, we are going to be physically closer to some and more distant from others. To come through this, we all need to talk, listen and care for each other and ourselves, building on what brings us together and what we want to see in the future.

Cherish your marriages with good traits, you may find that you need it even more than your partner. Good luck!


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