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A Broken Heart can heal

A broken heart will heal.

The more I think about it, the more confused I get, how someone would just walk out, give you a reason for walking out, say it has nothing to do with you and leave you with the feeling of rejection that can sometimes last for many years.

It was almost 10 years ago my ex-wife marched down the Isles to the music, “A Summer Place”. It was the most beautiful scene to see her marching down to a classic and what is still my favourite piece of music. I can see her now, with that smile on her face, just very relaxed and controlled. It was a proud moment for me, the wedding went without a hitch and I was indeed the happiest man in the world.

Every time I hear that piece of music I am reminded of the day, the feelings however throughout the different stages of grief have been interesting, now I can remember with a smile on my face.

A broken heart can heal

The acceptance stage of a breakup makes all the other really tough ones worth it. This is the one that finally gives you that welcome sense of exhalation. You come to realize what the past meant and what the future can hold. The sun begins to shine, and you begin to feel like yourself again, ready to move onward and upward. A broken heart can heal, that is the truth, I am a living testament to this. I have read this so many times, though I went through that stage just to realize that maybe Acceptance means that I will have memories of this person that I shared a significant part of my life with and there are times to come when I will go through the bargaining every once in a while.

A broken heart can heal

The phone rang and it was her on the line, I was happy to hear from her, the question that was asked was “You never came after me?” Research Discovers Heartbreak Can Last Forever. … The Debrief reports that the British Heart Foundation researchers have found that, “broken heart syndrome” really does exist and carries symptoms similar to a heart attack. When someone suffers from a broken heart, they experience extreme emotional stress. Many have sacrificed for love, in a movie, these words were quoted, “These past few months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you. I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth, my rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony.”

A broken relationship doesn’t always mean that you failed at it but a broken heart will in many cases contribute to a wiser you. Learn from the past, a wiser you will make for a happy future. True happiness is finding oneself–I did, I found me.

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