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Are you ready for Commitment

The relationship is going great! You do care very much about your partner, there are many things you share in common, however, are you ready for commitment? A question that many would ask with no answer in plain sight.

Are you ready for CommitmentThe relationship is going fine, no real issues, however, there is just this nagging feeling in your heart when he wants you to go with him to see his family, and without having any reason you are just not interested.

A poll is out in how men and women call quits on their love relationship if they realize they are contemplating the question, “are you ready for commitment“.

Are you ready for CommitmentWomen are thinking of letting the relationship down easy, soften the blow and the man is just sitting around waiting for her to make one mistake to end it, either way, it will certainly not soften the blow; there is just no easy way to breaking someone’s heart.

Dating site asked 1000 of its member’s male and female how would they dump a partner if they decided it was not working. The woman said, “I am just not ready for commitment” the man said, “This is just going too fast”. What was interesting was a third reason for the women declaring, “You do not make enough money”.

An interesting thing to note from the same research is that it was the men who declared that sex and the lack of physical compatibility was a real issue. The women would want to meet to declare their feelings, while most men would slow fade and then disappear or just breaking up by text or social media, they would pick a fight for some lame reason and declare very suddenly that they were done and hang up.

not ready for CommitmentWhen it comes right down to it, what is important is folks should just be honest with their expectations. Irrespective of how difficult it is, how insecure you are, do not hold back because you think if you share your feelings you are not going to be accepted – when you are honest, your relationship can and will stand the test of time.

If you are going to be successful in any relationship you will first have to be honest and once you are, you may find that if a relationship is not working for you it is best to say so and move on. People are jumping from relationships to relationships without even having a notion of what they want from a relationship, sometimes chemistry doesn’t have to make sense, but running without knowing what you want or staying without knowing who you are is certainly going to cause some anxieties in your relationship.

Based on the survey, women like men with money – I am not sure I want to accept that, but if that is so then I would put my spin on it, women like men who are prosperous and have substance, that has always been. The bottom line is, just be honest about who you are and what you want. Learn the 5 questions you need to ask yourself if you are ready for a committed relationship – just press the link here.

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