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Christmas Shopping with Family

Christmas shopping with family can cause some panic, the rush, traffic and angry expression of sellers if things are not going their way.

It was an interesting evening as I wanted to buy something really nice for my dad, this year our experience was different from previous years. Last year November the family got a scare, he was not doing so well and he was admitted in the hospital, so Christmas for us was not so happy this time as all energy was spent on dad. We decided to get him something but this time we would do it together, Christmas shopping with family was for me an interesting experience.

Christmas shopping with family

Christmas Shopping With Family.

So after filling up with enough food and drink we all decided to hit the road. Before we had a discussion, all the kids with us needed to know the ground rules, they cannot just take off when they get excited about something, we should be aware of each other  and be in close proximity at all times, if someone wants to enter a store and the others are not interested we wait until that person is done and we all move as a team and so if you really want to know if your family is ticking this is certainly a true test.

Most days the men will hang back and let the women do all the hard work, but I found my dad was very involved with what was going on, sharing his opinion on most things purchased, so very different than the introverted man that I grew up with and you could see the children were getting excited because my dad was with us.

When your SO holds that dress up and ask your opinion and you give it and she decides to get the dress that you like there is no better feeling. Christmas shopping with family is not only just for getting gifts, it is interestingly a bonding experience.

Christmas shopping with family

In our opinion, the best thing about the holidays is spending quality time with family. There’s nothing better than making Christmas candy with your family or having Christmas Eve dinner and then watching a family movie together. Or perhaps your holiday family traditions involve shopping, I am sure I could make it a tradition. Maybe you and your kids or you and your spouse spend the first Saturday of December together shopping for gifts and going to your favorite restaurant for lunch. Whatever your holiday shopping tradition might be, if you’re like us, doing it with family is what makes it so special and helps us forget about how crowded the mall is this time of year. Thank you dad, even though he probably is not even aware of the impact.

Do you love holiday shopping more than shopping any other time of the year? The mall is crazy, people go crazy at this time, however nothing appears to bond family more than shopping together, so if your family is struggling then try it, you may like it.

Merry Christmas guys and have a great new year!

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