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Difference between arguing and having a discussion

What is the difference between an arguing and a discussion? Both are nouns that involve people talking with one another and telling what they think, feel or know to be true. The difference in arguing and having a discussion are these words lies in the usage and the connotation, or shade of meaning, behind each word.

Arguing and having a discussion

We would hear our neighbours as children, they were married for so long, they never have discussions, they argued and we had to hear every word that they were saying. An argument can mean a statement or series of statements for or against something. This is a more of a legal definition. It is used in a court of law to give proof and to persuade or in a formal debate. For example: The attorney faced the jury for his closing arguments. However, in most cases, the word ‘argument’ is used to mean something less formal. ‘Argument’ generally means an angry dispute or disagreement. Although by the definition it does not have to be a loud quarrel, in common usage it usually brings with it the idea of two or more people yelling or raising their voices to give their opinions. For example: Our neighbour the husband and wife had a loud argument over who should be more responsible for the taking the children to school. Other forms of ‘argument’ are the verb, ‘argue’, ‘argumentative’ and ‘arguably’.

‘Discussion’ has a much more positive feel to it. The definition is similar to ‘argument’ because it involves presenting ideas, information or opinions. However, the usage of the word ‘discussion’ between two or more people is not an angry or heated situation. It means talking in a conversational and reasonable manner with other people. For example: The husband and wife sat down and had a discussion about who was going to use the new car. ‘Discussion’ also does not have the same legal or technical usage in a court. A discussion is usually an informal and friendly situation where two or more people share and listen to the ideas or opinions of each other. For example: There was a discussion in the office about what to order for lunch. Is arguing such a bad thing? It really isn’t however you would foster better relationships if you explored the difference as it relates to arguing and having a discussion.

Arguing and having a Discussion

Relationships are dogged by arguing instead of persons having discussions and as a result people do not think they are being heard this normally leads to hurt and rejection. It is necessary that we explore the difference between the two irrespective of our temperaments.

Let us think about it for a while and foster good communication methods in our families, there is a difference in arguing and having a discussion and personally I think this will lead to less domestic dispute.

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