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Do you want to become a Millionaire?

Another day and for some of us, it is a grind to the end of the day and a fight through traffic to get home, wind down and then to bed.

Do you want to become a millionaireTyler Perry in a note, said if you want to become a Millionaire, there are some thing you should do:

  • Make a plan and raise your standard
  • Start a business and duplicate it worldwide
  • Stop wasting time on TV, Games, Dumb stuff and People. If a person doesn’t have a plan, move on!
  • Find a way to make $1000, $2000 & $5000 weekly… and save 40% of what you make and invest it.
  • Stop buying stuff that has no value – cars, clothes, dumb jewellery, food etc.
  • EDUCATION! Read, read, read and read. Read books on the greatest people. Self-educate yourself, learn something new daily.
  • Stop eating bad food, eat organic only! Bad food changes your brain Chemistry.

After reading that, do you still want to become a Millionaire?

Couple on yacht powering through sea

The road to wealth is not paved with infomercials. Those wee-hour TV staples would have you believe that you’ll become “Fantasy Island” rich by placing tiny ads in the classifieds, or by buying up — for no money down — distressed property and selling it for millions.


Unfortunately, the only thing you’re likely to get from watching those infomercials is dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep. If you actually go to the seminar or buy the tapes, you’ll probably just have more debt.


The truth is, unless you’re lucky enough to receive a sizeable inheritance, you’ll need to navigate your own route to prosperity. But while Tyler Perry and Bill Gates-style mega wealth may be elusive, becoming a millionaire is definitely within reach of those who start young and develop the right habits. And anyone, at any age, can develop the traits that increase wealth and decrease debt.


Sure I want to become a Millionaire, why not? I just want to have some fun doing it.

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