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Don’t give up on yourself Scott Burrows

Adversity is a part of life, we have obstacles in our lives every day and sometimes we need to look outside of ourselves in order to cope with these various adversities in life.

Don't give up on yourselfThe problem with adversity is that most people never see it in a positive light. In fact, most see adversity as a sign that the world is out to get them. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a way to boost motivation.

In many instances, adversity provides us with an opportunity to learn some tough lessons that can help us improve our lives and circumstances moving forward. However, in order to see adversity in this way, we must first acknowledge some truths that might initially be a little difficult to stomach.

This video was inspiring to me and I thought instead of talking about Don’t give up too soon, just take a look at this clip.

Fully accept the fact that right at this moment you are facing a “plot twist” along your journey. This plot twist is of course in the form of a setback of some kind that you must now deal with. Now, of course, you could just completely remove yourself from the situation and do nothing. Yes, you could do that, but typically doing nothing changes nothing. Worse still, doing nothing could actually make things worse. Keep that in mind when you’re frozen in time and too overwhelmed to deal with the problem at hand. Though that is true, sometimes you just have to sit still and listen to your inner voice, we all have it, but it is being tuned out by so many things,

Recapture the voice in you… nothing is impossible.

The most important thing is don’t give up on yourself.

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