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He is not the one

Have you ever been in a relationship and feel this uncomfortable feeling inside, but you really cannot put a finger on it? You love your man to death, but something is off, he is not the one.

One of the biggest signs he may not be the one is that you feel like you are being judged.

not the one

If you feel like you can’t be yourself or if you feel like he’s judging you when you are being yourself, it’s a safe bet that he’s not the one.

 The right guy won’t ever judge you.

 Well, this one is pretty obvious.

If he isn’t showing any emotion, or any real emotion, after dating for several weeks – or even months – chances are pretty good that he is not the one.

If the guy you are dating is actually into you, he will certainly have some sort of emotion.

not the one

He may not say “I love you” right away, but he will surely let you know he has strong feelings for you with some sort of emotion. This guy will come on after not talking to you for weeks and want to have phone sex, when your emotions was still investigating what is happening and it happened too many times Sonya.

If he is always going out without checking in with you, or if he constantly makes plans with you and then breaks them to do something else, you are not his priority.

If you aren’t his priority, it’s a safe bet that he isn’t the one. I could remember the number of times you felt his friends and family were more important than you, this is no coincidence, you were not his priority and he is certainly not the one.

Communication is one of the basic foundations of a successful relationship.

not the one

 If you find it difficult to communicate with him, regarding issues, your feelings, or even just everyday events, then you can probably safely say that he isn’t the one. Just recently he wanted to know how he was in bed, you decided to engage him and the next thing he was joking and disappeared and then wanted to follow up with something else, you catch on because I was there to guide you then nothing… c’mon Sonya, all these are basic reasons to suggest he is not the one.

Trust is the number one essential ingredient for a successful relationship.

If you don’t trust what the guy you are dating tells you, you don’t trust where he has been and you just don’t trust anything he does, then you shouldn’t be considering packing your bags;

He was not trust worthy, he tried at several relationships while dating you and I know this for sure, it is my duty to find these things out and I did. Granted I cannot share my secret with you, but when the relationship did not work out he came right back to communicating with you. After your last breakup he tried a few, the last one was going great until his true colours came out and it crashed and so his question to you. He is not the one, he cheated on you a couple of times, but you were not even aware.

Have you ever caught your guy in a lie?

I’m not talking about a little white lie regarding an outfit you’re wearing so that you can actually get somewhere at home either;

I’m talking about a real, true hurtful and harmful lie.

If your guy has lied about where he has been, where he is going and who has been hanging out with – or anything else as serious as this – you need to ditch him because he isn’t the one. Then again, I thought you were too sweet and gullible to catch him in lie, but he lied to you several times.

not the one

You can’t be the only one making an effort in your relationship; and you can’t be giving more than he is.


 If you feel like it’s a 60-40, a 70-30 or a 90-10 investment (your investment being the higher number), you need to walk away.

A successful relationship requires a 50-50 investment, and the right #guy will want to make that kind of investment. This man will go all out for you in the first couple of months into the relationship, he will wine and dine you, however after the chase is over, that is the time to take note.

Being affectionate in a relationship is something that you need to have.

Closeness is so important in a relationship and you lose that when you aren’t affectionate with each other, especially in private.

When you can feel the chill in the room when your partner walks into it, that’s a problem.

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When you keep things in the surface instead of digging deeper, it’s time for you to pack because there has to be a reason for the distance.

When you’ve been with your partner for a while, you always talk about the next step.

Maybe your partner is not thinking you are his next step — have you thought of that?

If there is no future talk on his end, no matter how many times you’ve tried, it’s time to go. he is not the one!

As it relates to you thinking about him do not be alarmed when you do, it will go away with each passing day you will get better.


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