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Honeymoon Checklist after the wedding

So you are planning your wedding, you get the caterer, in fact, you think of getting someone to sit with you and start planning, most times it’s your best single friend and if your friend is married, it is like taking a trip down memory lane and it’s all about them. Did you remember the honeymoon checklist?

Honeymoon checklist

You decide to hire a professional, however, note that as good as the professional is, they cannot recreate your dream unless you have knowledge of what you want. Sure on the day, you will be blown away, but believe me when I tell you after the day when clarity steps in you will wonder how you could have overlooked so many things.

We put all the planning into the wedding, but when we get to the honeymoon, we are baffled what do we do with being at this wonderful hotel with no plans as to what to do, so we talk and steer in each other’s faces until you both start snapping at each other.

It is time to plan your honeymoon:

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1. Determine how much you both are going to spend on your honeymoon.

I know you are excited to plan away, but reconsider jumping on the first good “deal” that you see, as there might be a reason for the deep discount! Maybe you will be travelling during hurricane season or the hotel is undergoing renovations. Do a little homework before booking, and based on my experience, oh the honeymoon checklist.

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2. Use a Travel Agent

The best part of travelling is having new experiences! Be open to this and don’t expect things to be “just like home.” I have some clients say things like, “I want to visit a unique destination, but I am a really picky eater and want the food to be the same as at home.” If that’s the case, you may want to stay home and stay where you are, but seriously, if you want to enjoy your honeymoon, be ready to try some new things! Done! Decide whether to use a travel agent. Travel specialists can take the planning off your plate and do all the legwork and make sure that it is definitely a part of your honeymoon checklist.

3. Rediscovering each other

The real purpose of your honeymoon is not to go sightseeing or spend time drinking at the bar, but find the kind of resort that will help you rediscover each other. Some good ideas are bike tours around the city, so you can even go to the less-explored or reachable areas, pottery or sculpting classes and even home-run cooking classes or dining with locals.

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4. Fun and Relaxation

Come now! Leave the heels at home, and that big suitcase you expect to struggle with; leave that at home. It is your honeymoon, after all! I always suggest bringing a pashmina or two as well. They are light and easy to pack but can give you that warmth you need on a cool evening.

Honeymoon Checklist

Just in case you ever considered it: Under no circumstances invite your in-laws on your honeymoon. And yes, I actually had a couple do this! Happy planning!

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