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How to Avoid Adultery

Adultery sounds like such an ugly word, nevertheless we need to explore what it is all about.

Avoid adulteryIf you really mean it, you can avoid adultery, it is in your power to do this.

Carelessness is one of the main factors that contributes to adultery, not the devil, most persons do give the impression that it just happened, they were not in control when it did, that something or someone else took over their mind and they were led to doing something that pretty much was inevitable or out of their control.

Avoid Adultery

Avoid adulteryThe Rules are:

1. Never make a member of the opposite sex your best friend with whom you share intimate details of your relationship.

2. Never be with a member of the opposite sex with your spouse not having a knowledge of you being there. There are exceptional cases, never allow it to however be the rule.

3. You may have experiences not being happy in your marriage, but make it a rule not to speak ill of your partner with people as persons who are attracted will offer you what you lack in your marriage and this can lead to infidelity. Avoid adultery by sharing with a professional or a counsellor.

4. Never visit a website you cannot share with your partner or your children.

5. As far as possible, never keep secrets from your spouse, affairs thrives in secrecy.

6. Do not dig the grave of your marriage with your mouth, do not get into sharing too much with the opposite sex, there must be that friend of the same-sex that you can share those details with.

7. Those unsolicited gifts, the ones that you get and you are not exactly sure why? Give it back because most times there is favour that will follow and you may not be ready for the request.

8. The grass is not always greener on the other side. So you see a couple appearing to be all peachy and you compare your husband/wife with the other person wishing it was you in the other person’s shoe, however let me tell you, see me and come live with me are very different.

9. Divert your sexual fantasy to your spouse, find interesting ways of presenting your fantasy and not just impose your desire on your partner because they should fill your fantasy.

10. Faces differ, but all people have the desire to be loved, maybe not in the same way, so keep in this in your heart… your spouse has the same desire that you do, maybe you on taking different roads to get there.

Avoid Adultery11. Deal with sexual thoughts that is not directed at your spouse, kill it before it takes you over, sexual errors doesn’t start in the bedroom, it starts in the heart.

12. When you are going on long trips, ensure that all issues outstanding are dealt with, have sex and put your mind to it, this can and will prevent most temptations.

13. Walk in the company of men who are not cheaters, if you walk with cheaters you will cheat.

14. Discuss your sexual desires with your spouse and yes sometimes you may not be on the same page, but nevertheless having a discussion could change things in the future.

avoid adultery15. If you are a believer then fill your heart with the words of God, if you are not then fill your heart with hobbies that you enjoy, never seek your thrill by flirting with the opposite sex, you are human and you can fail.

16. Always count the cost of adultery (avoid adultery), do not focus on the pleasure and the thrills in sex it is just a couple of seconds, it is hardly more especially when you climax, but the repercussions can last for eternity. Why trade eternity for 8-10 seconds.

Be faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life.

avoid adultery

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