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How to choose the right Woman for you

Finding the right one is an important topic that all men should explore before engaging your heart to someone. Relationships are all about spiritual bonding between a man and a woman.

Finding the right woman for you to marry is difficult and challenging as well as finding the perfect man. It takes years to really get to know who you are let alone learning about your partner.

the right Woman

Days or months of being together simply won’t cut it, just because, you tend to not see someone’s flaws or shortcomings when you’re madly in love and infatuated with each other. But when the honeymoon days are over, combined with kids, work, and day to day obstacles to deal with, then compatibility and communication plays a big role. I just hope I can provide enough insight into this short read that can send you on your way in finding the right woman.


The first sign you need to zero in with her is the way she communicates with you, her openness and honesty with any given situation. Communication is the most important key into having a long lasting relationship because when all else fades, communication will keep the relationship going between married couples. Infatuation disappears, sex diminishes with age, love settles into a plateau, but communication never ends until your last breath.

Avoid women that argues with you all the time, look for somebody that shares her views or opinion with issues, and is willing to compromise at the end. Remember that marriage is a bond between two individuals. Decision making in a relationship must be collaborated between both of you. The “I do not want to talk about it and I am not in the mood” is not the person you should be planning an intimate relationship with.

the right Woman


Find a woman that you enjoy and love to spend time with. You don’t have to exactly match the stuff she likes to do or vice versa, but at least, have some basic things you love to do in common. When you marry, these things you love to do with each other will come up when you needed to spend some time off without the kids. Good communication plus compatibility with each other are the one-two punch that help push your relationship to the next level.


The right woman to marry must have trust in you. A strong relationship involves trusting each other deeply. The most common areas that are a cause of crumbling marriages are money, infidelity, and in-laws. With trust, these areas can be worked out easier. An overly jealous woman is a sign of possessiveness and has a major trust issues.

the right Woman

The Right Woman

These signs will never disappear over time. It will actually get worse after marriage. It may fade as you get older particularly if she knows that you’re not capable of making love to a woman any longer. If a woman is jealous type, she will be jealous with your own parents or relatives as well when it comes to attending holiday celebration or parties. She will control you and persuade you into going to her side of the family instead of sharing the day between your relatives and hers. Worst case scenario will be your jealous wife competing for attention with her own kids. There are a couple of signs you can look for.

Patience and Demeanour.

These two characteristics are extremely important as well especially during times of day to day stress or crisis. The right woman to marry will not panic nor falter in times of life’s difficulties. When dating, look for these signs. A woman that over-reacts when her shoe gets wet from the rain or shouts at a driver who unintentionally took her parking space at a mall is usually a bad sign.

Understanding and Kindness.

A woman that understands her man is a keeper and the right woman to marry. Kindness, on the other hand, goes with being able to understand how her husband feels from time to time. Being able to go out with your friends at times without getting a hassle nor receiving a guilty conscience from your partner is awesome. Accepting that sometimes, time with the “boys” is needed for her partner to unwind.

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