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How to Earn His Respect

Relationships are never easy, but there are some fundamental things about a relationship that guarantees its success and one such thing is respect for each other. 

If you are out there trying to make your man respect you, you, like many women, are having a serious issue and one that fortunately can be solved. 

You want him to love you and respect you, and sometimes that sounds like a challenge. So.. what makes a man respect a woman?

The truth is, there is no fast and easy way to make a man respect you. Some men are disrespectful out of insecurity, and this is projected on their women, which will make your job a little harder than just making internal changes. 

You can’t make a man respect you any more than he can make you respect him. The real secret to making a man respect you is a woman he consistently feels worthy of his respect.

Most men need a challenge. 

RespectA man loves a woman with who he can have a friendly debate. Express your opinions even if they are different from his share your opinions, especially if they are different from his.

Disagreeing with someone without putting them down is a fine art. Learn that art and use it in your conversations with men. He will highly respect your ability to hold your own without getting upset or attacking him.

The Power of Humour


A woman who can trip down a set of stairs on a first date and then make a joke about it will earn his instant respect. A sense of humour conveys that you are easy to be with and don’t expect everybody to be perfect.

However, there is a fine line between laughing at yourself and putting yourself down.

Be careful not to be too hard on yourself or consistently put yourself down. Putting yourself down and comparing yourself with others is a sure way of losing respect from any man; they will treat you like the queen you are if you show that you are. 

You First


If you don’t respect yourself, he will know it, no matter what you say to try and hide it. And if you don’t respect yourself, you have no business expecting him to either.

So what exactly does it mean to respect yourself?

Show yourself the same love and care you want from others and demonstrate it verbally and non-verbally. Stop putting yourself down; if you spend time together and you do not hear from his days after the date, do not sweat it, as long as it takes and if it is too long for you at the time of his call, let him know that it is unacceptable in your softest voice.

Your nonverbal communication and body language play a big role in demonstrating your self-respect and confidence to others.

Nonverbal cues show off your confidence— such as making lots of eye contact, smiling, sitting up straight, and laughing aloud. These show people that you are pleased with yourself and don’t mind showing it.

Respect others. 

RespectYou will get as good as you give in love, so if you don’t show a man that you respect him, he will not respect you in return.

Respect a man’s desire for space, his privacy, his time, his honesty, and even thank him for it.

Make sure you say, “thanks for calling/texting me back”, “thanks for the invitation,” you get the picture.

Needy, disrespectful people don’t take the time to thank others for the little things they do graciously– they feel entitled and want more. When he takes all day to text, Sulking says, I have nothing better to do than wait on you, but when you do, show some appreciation, it will go a long way. 

A simple thank you and show of gratitude go a very long way in earning a man’s respect because it shows him that you appreciate all of his efforts in your direction.

And… one secret about men is that a woman’s happiness and respect is often all men want from women they fall in love with.

Honesty is the best of policies. 


If we are not sure about our feelings, we tend to hide them. 

Always be kind and honest with him, even when he won’t like exactly what you have to say. Your kindness cannot be based on how you are being treated, be consistent with who you are and if he is undeserving of your respect, then walk. 

There’s something powerful to be said about a woman who isn’t afraid to keep things genuine.

When he knows you are honest with him, he will not only give that back, but you will earn his respect as a quality person who sticks by their word.


respectDo not hide what you expect from a man; tell him your expectations and hold him accountable if there is a breach; if nothing else, be consistent with that. Yes, you love him and think you need to cut him some slack, but that will only come back to haunt you if you are inconsistent. 

Men respect goals and ambition, as they are very familiar with these traits. Just make sure that whatever your goals, they are indeed yours. Don’t borrow his goals and share them back with him as yours also. You’ll lose, rather than gain his respect.

Teach him to love and respect you. 


A woman who knows her worth and doesn’t put up with anything less than that is a woman that not only earns his respect but the respect of all of those around her.

Please do not allow him to disrespect you; the minute he does, you jump all over it. 

If you feel taken for granted, etc., do not allow it if he doesn’t keep promises. 

When I talk to clients, I discover that they suppress and then explode when things are not going great. The best approach is to address the issues early, calmly and cooly. 

Practice the art of teaching him how to treat you without showing extreme anger or emasculating him.

If the man wants you, he will adjust; if he is not interested and it is all about a booty call, then let him go; you can do better. 

Sticking to your standards gives off the impression that you have boundaries and self-respect.

Do things that are important to you. 


Make sure that you keep the long-standing appointments you have with yourself.

If you have friends, do not give them up for your man; if you are in the church choir, do not give up for your man; let him earn your time. 

Having things going on that don’t involve him is important to gaining respect and not losing yourself in a relationship.



It is really up to you to make someone earn your respect. It is also difficult, if not impossible, to make someone respect you. 

Being an honest woman keeps her promises, sticks to her standards, and becomes a woman of worth that he will want and need to be around.

We all love to be around quality, respectful people.

How to make a man respect you have a lot about who you are inside. Be consistent with who you are, whether you are with him or not. 

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