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How to get back the one you dumped

Honesty is normally the best approach.

How to get back the one you dumped

You tell your partner that you made the biggest mistake of your life, you had some time to think and you are sure you said and did some things you are not so proud of now that you have had time to think about it. You will say just about anything to get to see your ex again, How to get back the one you dumped can be difficult as it takes humility to admit you were wrong, the real deal is you want your ex back. You were so sure it was over, but now you yearn to have this person back into your life.

Say your truth quietly and sincerely, after you do, give your ex the space to process what you shared, they are going to need the time to focus on your words, trust the process. The occasional call just to see if they are okay is recommended, but if your first call did not go so well, do not be disheartened, it is not a reason to give up on the process.

If your ex is difficult, it may take time. your ex-partner may have rules, principles and sometimes the impact of the hurt based on background may take a little long in responding, it may take a while for them to even accommodate the thought of reconciliation, an open-minded approach is what you will need to have because sometimes pride can dictate the future of a relationship that went bad. Your understanding of what you did, good timing, insight, emotion regulation and of course mutuality are some of the things you will need to know before thinking about reconciliation. How to get back the one you dumped will require patience.

Do not play games when you mess up, just be honest and vulnerable, it normally works.

When you share your truth with someone, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, there is nothing else you can do but allow patience and time to be the deciding factor to reconciliation should be your honesty. In my years as an experienced relationship advisor, I believe love is still as perennial as the grass and when two persons approach each other with honesty and openness, it is then that we truly can appreciate the power and potency of love.

My grandfather passed away recently, but he and wife have been together for 76 years, he said these words to me, “Love is very powerful because love gives a person reason to live. I’ve heard that couples’ longevity extended if they are truly in love. “Your grandmother and I live for each other. Our love was strong and true in our 76 years of married life. She is gone now, however, I am still alive because of the memories of her,” were his words to me.

Tears came to my eyes when he shared his experiences with me and in truth, grandma was brought back to life when he shared his stories, she was a wonderful woman. How powerful love is was also emphasized when I met a woman who has terminal cancer and should have been dead years ago. She has an enormous will power to hang on to life, if she passed her only son would be alone and for some reason, she was hanging on to whatever she could for him. I have witnessed many experiences and heard too many stories not to share with you that giving of yourself to love is setting yourself up for a beautiful and long life.

Once love is your motivation; you will succeed in getting the one you dumped or not, just do the best you can in preserving the love experience.

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