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How to pursue without being Annoying

It’s in a woman’s nature to be caring and loving, and this tendency usually comes out rather strongly when a woman falls in love. The thing is, sometimes it is the same thing for the some men, the only difference is our egos gets in the way of our pursuit of the opposite sex. The problem begins when you go overboard by being too maternal for women, paternal for men, clingy, or possessive without realizing it. If you want to keep your girl, you should learn how to show your affection in a way that your partner would be able to easily appreciate it, it is important for us to know how to pursue without being annoying.



Pursuing without being annoying

Tip #1: Timing is important when you show your affection.


There is a right and wrong time for all things, and being affectionate is no exception. You have to be considerate of not just your partner’s feelings but other people’s as well. If your girlfriend or someone you are interested in is the reserved type, for instance, then she might not feel comfortable about holding hands with you in front her boss’. If her parents are the reserved ones then it might also be better not to be touchy-feely with your girlfriend when you’re meeting them for the first time.


After the breakup, sometimes you both decide to start over, you should take the same attitude you took when getting to know each other, women sometimes move slowly at this stage and most guys get very impatient with this pace and the frustration can lead to mistakes and you lose out on the one you love.


Being considerate may mean foregoing the chance to hug and kiss a few times, but being considerate is sure to make your girlfriend appreciate you more. It’s a win-win situation then.


Tip #2 Be creative when you show your affection.


Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply say the words. Even though you mean them every time you say it, they tend to lose their value when you say them too often. Sometimes, you just have to look for more creative ways to be affectionate. Anything goes, really, as long as you understand what your girlfriend is and isn’t likely to appreciate.


In a case of getting back, you can show your affection by a simple call to say ‘hi, are you okay?’ If you send a text and no reply comes, do not get upset, allow reasonable time to pass before checking on the person again – there is a thin line between pushy and caring.


Pursuing without being annoying

Tip #3 Never forget the little things when you show your affection.


You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money just to let your girlfriend know you care. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count the most. Laugh at her jokes, make a greater effort to understand her job, spend time with her watching her favourite Soap and pretend that you care for the characters even though you hate it. In the end, it’s really the thought that counts.


Tip #4 When you show your affection, your aim is to please your girl or your ex and not yourself.


This is a cardinal rule that men unfortunately often forget. When you feel jealous or insecure, for instance, you could feel the urge to cling to your girlfriend, demanding of her to get rid of the guy, you do not like him, just so that everybody knows whom she belongs to. You become overly affectionate, calling her all the endearments you can think of.


While you’re being too busy making goo-goo eyes at your girl, you fail to realize that the object of your affection has become an object of embarrassment as well. Unless your girl is completely dense or insensitive, she’s sure to know that you’re doing all these things not because you want to show your affection. You’re doing it because you’re jealous and insecure, which is not only unfair but also an immature thing to do.


In your quest in getting back an ex, it is the same principle, you cannot at any time make the person feel that you want her back because you are lonely and you miss her and its all about you, so you have to show that she is the object of your interest.


Put yourself in your girlfriend’s shoes. You want her to be affectionate with you without any ulterior motive, don’t you? It’s the same for her. Show your affection for her because you care for her and for no other reason than that.

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