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Husbands Who Do Chores 98% More Likely To Get Some


Husbands Who Do Chores

A study by the American Medical Association has revealed that husbands who do chores in their homes are 98% more likely to get some from their significant other.

The research study followed 500 heterosexual couples over the course of six years and found a direct link between an equal division of chores and what researchers called “freak nasty time.”

It also found that husbands who clean up from dinner reduce their wives’ bedtime headaches by 100%.

I cannot talk for the research because you can prove any kind of theory out there with research, however in my experience men who does chores will find true harmony in the home. It is not difficult to understand that once you do your part in the home, both are working out and both are contributing to chores in the home it makes for a more harmonious home.


Let us not be led astray by fake research, let us continue to communicate with each other and love each other, there is no way you can love your wife and not do your part in the home and feel comfortable in doing so, husbands who do chores make better partners.

Husbands Who Do Chores

I know my mother is a happier woman today because my dad helps out around the house, however when I was a kid he worked hard never helped out around the house and mom was miserable.


“The feeling that one is contributing or doing more than the other could seriously breed disharmony in your marriage.”

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