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If life is getting you down then Scream!

What should you do when you are angry? you can find no outlet, are you in a marathon and the field is pulling away from you?

then Scream!Another day, the phone alarm is making that familiar sound again, where did the time go, the days are long and the nights are short. You lie there in bed for another 15 minutes, however, that could be a mistake because if you shut your eyes your day will be a mess.

You cannot remember the last time you had a good laugh, the last time you celebrated anything, what can you do now to change the fortunes of your life?

If life is getting you down and you really cannot find an outlet then scream!:

  • Ensure that you are alone if that is difficult then explain to those around you that you think would understand. Ask if it’s okay and if it is then let it out!
  • Lie flat on your back, elevating your neck with a cushion or a pillow.

then scream!

  • Think of several things that have contributed to you feeling angry, go as far back as you can remember and if you feel the pain but the tears refuse to come then scream!!! It doesn’t matter the sound if you think it is loud, put a pillow over your mouth to reduce the sound to others, but scream as hard as you can.
  • Do not hold anything back, just go for it.

When you are done, pay attention to your breathing and ensure that it comes down to a steady pace. Do not be too quick in getting up, stay there for a while, feel the difference in your body, if you feel sleep coming then let it happen if you want to cry then let it all out.

The reasons for you feeling this way may not go away but at least you are telling yourself you are not going to allow what is happening around you to invade you and ultimately destroy you.

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