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Is Shyness killing your Mojo?

Those who have never suffered from shyness have no idea how debilitating it can be, especially for someone in a professional situation. You step into a room and you see her, everything is screaming go over and talk with her, but you can see failure written all over any attempt you think you can make in getting her attention. Having a game plan could help.

Shyness can truly hold people back–partly because those who are shy tend to avoid public situations and speaking up, and partly because the anxiety far outweighs every other feeling, we are stuck at a no!

If that’s you, take comfort in knowing you are far from alone, four out of 10 people consider themselves shy.

But here’s the good news: Shyness can be overcome. With time and effort and a desire to change, it’s possible to breakthrough. Is shyness killing your mojo? Take a trip with us.

If your shyness is severe, you may need help from a therapist or counsellor, but most people can overcome it on their own.

Take that step especially for those guys who only truly shut down when the girl appears just out of your league. See these 6 points and that should help.

Is Shyness killing your Mojo?Ladies love responsible guys, who are always calm even amidst provocation, so as a guy, make sure you give her the impression, that will make her see you as someone with a decent character. If she is being rude when approached, do not respond to her by showing disgust, but reply calmly and stick to your theme.

Is Shyness killing your Mojo?

Don’t give the impression that you’re after her body or you’re attracted to her eyes and beautiful smile… if she is going through something, any kind of flirting too early could send off the wrong message, it is kind of sad but most women see guys as pervs… so any compliment along the line of something physical can be interpreted as something else, pay compliments on clothes and professionalism, attitude and intelligence, let her know you like talking to her if there is a conversation going on.

Is Shyness killing your Mojo?

We cannot rule out the power of words… so say kind words, be respectful, learn a poem of two so you can say it by memory if that is necessary. Sometimes we are stuck in our own heads and we believe that our thoughts are enough but a song, poem or a quote from a great orator will help the process so much more than would even imagine. The aim initially is to get the attention of the woman, once that is done then she will listen to your words, but in the beginning, use any and everything to your advantage.

Is Shyness killing your Mojo?

Give her the impression that you’re a gentleman, I hope you are. At all times dress nicely when you are going to out in public if you are on the hunt, this is important if the woman is visual, sure it may seem like a lot of work to dress up just to go to the Supermarket, but if you are looking the part and see her there, then it adds to your confidence if you are looking good, women are about nicely done nails and groomed hair, so be aware of this.

Women like confident men, they can smell your shyness from a mile away especially if you use the shy tone of voice, if you are not confident, fake it. If you cannot fake it then try to be as calm as possible when you are around her and instead of saying too much and giving yourself away, say very little and just be serious, women in general like the serious quiet guy who talks very little about other women, as you get to know her more, they will want you to talk more, this is about breaking the ice. so, in the beginning, you assume the competition is big and you have one shot to make an impression.

Any opportunity you get to show kindness do it, if you are at a party, offer to get her a drink if you are at the Supermarket offer to push the trolley, but when given that opportunity jump all over it, just remember, your actions are going to speak louder than your words, so do not worry too much about the words.

Make a list of all your jitters and worries. Name them, plan how you’re going to eliminate them, and move forward.

Suffering from shyness shouldn’t keep you from meeting the girl of your dreams, so try these simple tools and make them work for you–in fact, they’re good techniques to try whether you’re shy or not.

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