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Jamie Fox (Star Spangled Banner)

Jamie Fox (Star Spangled Banner)

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was deemed the fight of the century. It lived up to those high expectations, at least in money. The May 2 pay-per-view fight obliterated the old record for buys, drawing 4.4 million pay-per-view buys, officials announced on Tuesday, generating over $400 million in revenue.

On May 29th 2015 I sat in my living room anxiously awaiting the boxing match between Mayweather Jr. versus Pacquiao. It was supposed to be the fight of the century, the best pound for pound boxing match up for a long time. We were all talking about who we thought would have won the game, the excitement could not be denied, seeing all the stars who paid big money to see the matchup was additionally fascinating.

I am not sure about anyone else, but there is something electric about the star spangled banner when done properly is so electrifying that it adds energy to whatever function or programme there is and I was certainly anticipating something from Jamie Fox.

I waited a full two weeks before saying anything about what I heard but Jamie Fox should stay with acting and leave the singing to the pros. This is what I observed;  a man who struggled with diction, breath control and the ability to identify notes. He started the song in a key that was out of his range, he decided to ad lib in areas where it was way too much and outside of the cord structure and that was the execution of someone who cannot sing well. Great comedian, good improviser, in fact, a good actor too if you ask me, but not a real singer.

Anyone can walk into a studio and do an album and if marketed properly persons will buy, doesn’t make you an authentic singer. What was admirable however was the audience’s response to the rendition, they applauded which in my opinion showed the class of the audience.
I am still asking myself the question of the organizers, with all the great singers that were at their disposal, why Jamie Fox (Star Spangled Banner)?

Others were amazed that Foxx was even asked to perform the difficult tune when such recording-industry heavyweights like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Justin Bieber were in the house.

“We have Beyonce and Mariah Carey on the bench and we start Jamie Foxx for the national anthem,” tweeted Sal Guerrero of the San Antonio Express-News.

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