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Lonely on Thanksgiving?

It’s another thanksgiving celebration, you wake up feeling a little down as there are no plans really because you are Lonely on Thanksgiving. It could be that you are just alone on thanksgiving, whatever it is we are going to handle it.

LOnely on thanksgiving

If you find that you are far from your family and close friends this Thanksgiving, you might be feeling lonely and sad. It’s easy to get mired down in that feeling since we seem to be bombarded with images of the “perfect” holiday, but remember: there’s no such thing. When I was in college, I spend quite a few holidays working, then I was a working student and going home for Thanksgiving or Christmas was out of the question. Not that we celebrate Thanksgiving in Jamaica but persons made a big deal of it as the college is cosmopolitan and so these celebrations became a part of our lives.

Lonely on Thanksgiving

Here are some things that can help you enjoy the day and still remember what you are thankful for in your life.

Plan ahead — especially if you know you are going to be Lonely on Thanksgiving.  Make a list of things that you like to do and make arrangements before the holiday so you are not caught off guard by things that aren’t open. You can go to the movies, read that new book you’ve been meaning to get to, work on your latest art or photography project, or, on that novel you’ve been meaning to start. If the weather permits, go for a walk or a hike, just spending time outdoors can make you feel better.

Lonely on Thanksgiving

Change your expectations and stop psychologizing the day. Get rid of the myth of the perfect holiday, and try not to focus on what you are missing. When we are feeling Lonely on Thanksgiving, it is easy to romanticize the holidays and forget the negative things that often happen. Here’s a little reminder: there’s the annoying relative who never stops pointing out what you did wrong with the meal, the disagreements over politics, the two-hour drive to get there, and the occasional ruined meal, not to mention the constant reminders by family members, when are you going to settle down. Focus on what you have in your life and think of all the things you really do have to be thankful for. Use your gratitude jar or journal and write them down.

Lonely on Thanksgiving

Go to the movie channel if you are into movies, however do not watch those channels that romanticized the holiday, showing families around the table with the husband cutting the turkey and all that chatter and everyone being glib and laughing, not very accurate but they do it. Commercializing our holidays are good for business, however do not allow it to add to your Lonely on Thanksgiving.

Have your favourite meal. Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you must have a turkey dinner — it’s your day, so have what you like. Just remember the “plan ahead” part so that you have everything you need on hand. If you really like to have people around on the holiday, find out who else will be spending the day alone and organize your own Thanksgiving gathering.

Lonely on thanksgiving

Help those in need. This one might sound cliché but it really does work. Aside from volunteering to serve meals, there are other things that you can do to help. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, just get going, you will be fine. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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