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Making your love life successful without the rules

We have been struggling for centuries trying to find the right answer for a successful love life. We strive for happiness with the hope to find it in a song, at our workplace, with our church family, having the greatest siblings in the world or finding the perfect spouse and in the end making your love life successful appears to be the hardest thing in the world.

making your love life successful

I suppose you are expecting to hear some things that you need to do, the 5 steps to finding happiness. This article is not about finding love or seeking that successful love life by adhering to certain rules.

The secret to a successful love life is to enter a relationship as a strong person who does not need anything but is willing to give everything.

We all know that a love relationship involves another person who loves you and wants to make you happy and want to contribute positively to your life.

Making your love life successful

Making your love life successful

You should never take advantage of that but just adopt the attitude that you are going to do what you need to do in making your love life successful that you are committed to making that person as happy and as productive as possible.

If your heart has been shattered and you want to find another relationship, don’t enter into a new relationship because you need it to make you happy. Enter it because you want to make someone happy. Go into the relationship with a sincere desire to give. Love is a one-way street.

We have heard it before, that the joy of love is giving, yet when it comes on to relationships we fight for what the person is doing for us, if our partner will do for us then we will do for them.

We may give our best to someone and they may not appreciate it and we give up, but we should not allow anyone even our partners to put us off from doing good to them, even if they cannot appreciate it you will find that because your love is unconditional you will have a serge that is comparable to nothing.

When you give from a pure heart and someone doesn’t appreciate what you are giving your heart is not broken. I know that sounds really weird however we are talking about making your love life successful and I am sure you are probably seeing that individual but the concept is bigger than your partner.

If you build your relationship on so noble a foundation as a solid belief in yourself and your personal values, your lover or anyone can tell that you are a strong person of great substance and this will intensify their longing to drop all and fall in love with you. Who you are will shout so loudly that you won’t have to say anything. This is the essence of making your love life successful.

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