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How to Meet the Special One

It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives when we meet this person and after that one meeting we cannot get them out of our minds. Sometimes we mess it up by allowing that one chance to slip through our grasp and probably never see the person again. There is this proverb I remembered as a boy, make A’s while the sun shines, if you want to Meet the Special One.

 Meet the Special One

You would think this is young person issue but grown persons struggle with this, meeting someone they are immediately attracted to and their tongues cannot get out the words.

If you are not prepared it will happen at least a couple times in your lifetime, so here goes some tips that will at least give you a chance.

 Meet the Special One

Keep eye contact—It’s no secret that we are attracted to people who make us laugh, cause us to think, and are generally enthusiastic about the world. We love these people because they’re interesting, smart, and passionate. IN order to appeal to the person you are attracted to, you can always improve your intellect, no matter where you stand. Start learning about what interest you. So you like steam engines, or fashion, or psychology. Take a dive the subject that is interesting to you and when you meet the special one just talk about it. Your enthusiasm and the way your eyes light up will be the secret to the attraction.

How to meet the special one

Hone your body—it is not secret that grooming your body could be the one important thing that triggers an initial attraction. Good body odour, white teeth and a chiselled body, but of course you do not have to spend all day in the gym for you to have a toned body. The goal is not to look like Tyra Banks or Bradley Cooper, it’s to look like the best version of you, no matter what that is, and to feel energized along the way. Exercising 20 minutes in the day could be the all you would need in relieving stress and prolonging longevity.

Meet the Special one

Keep an open mind— If you’re expecting your attraction to be love at first sight, you might never find what you’re looking for. So cultivate a sense of improvisation, and take pleasure in the unexpected.

Keep an open mind— People have an uncanny ability to surprise you if you give them time. Remember the old idiom: “Things aren’t always as they seem.” Be open to new opportunities, new places, and most importantly, new people. Part of the romance of meeting and keeping that person you are attracted to is your ability to be flexible at being pleasantly surprised. Who knows, you might even learn a few thing along the way!

When you meet the special one who has partner potential, don’t get carried away. It’s so easy to get lost in fantasies of how awesome your relationship might be, because with those fantasies come high expectations, and sometimes expectations are unrealistic! Make it a point to remind yourself that this new person is human, which means they’re not perfect. They will make mistakes, and you need to be ready to cope and forgive, rather than act shocked that the person dares to be anything but perfect.

Weather the storms. Contrary to what popular media would have you believe, meeting this stunning person doesn’t guarantee you a “happily ever after.” Things won’t necessarily get easier when you find that special someone. In fact, things might get even harder. Ultimately, a potential is someone you can grow with, and the only way to grow together is to face challenges together. So put your heart and soul into a relationship, and stick with it through the ups and downs, even when you question whether it’s meant to be. When you’re old and content, you might look back and realize that you were with your soulmate all along, oh and remember you are just meeting this person, we have a long way to go, haha!

Be patient—Fate doesn’t work on a schedule, too many times I hear persons miss the chance for a good relationship to develop because the person is taking too long to make up their minds, but let me tell you there is no time limit on when the spark with hit both persons. Oh you can see the picket fence, the chandeliers on the ceiling, the little ones on the backseat of the car, yet your potential is saying they are not feeling it, they are not ready just came out of a terrible relationship and the list goes on.

Strive on being the ideal person, more often than not when that is your focus you could meet the ideal person, just do not be eager to find the right one, let things take their course and prevent forcing the round hole into the square box which will eventually cause pain for everyone, the quest to meet the potential, is strong, effortless and timeless.

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