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Mistake we make in getting the Ex back

getting your ex back

Your heart is broken and the only thing you can think about is getting the attention of the one who broke your heart, and so you focus on the various ways of getting your ex back.

What would you say is the biggest mistake you see people make when they try to get their ex back?



getting your ex back

After a breakup, our emotions are all over the place. Our heart is quivering and we want it to stop… now!
So we try everything to end the pain, getting your ex back it would seem is the only solution.

The people who have great relationships are the ones who are willing to face the pain, put themselves back together (with the help of friends, mentors, etc.) and THEN re-invent themselves and reintroduce themselves to their ex.

That way, their ex can see and feel a real difference. This allows their ex in feeling a real sense of hope that things can be different.

Getting Your Ex Back

“I do believe by keeping my stand and commanding self-respect, I am different and this something my ex should notice if he really cares about me.” said by Orange Sky, a pure heart whose heart is broken.

She is now learning once you can allow yourself to feel the pain for those few weeks that sometimes lead into months, you will feel the change, like a butterfly who is struggling out of its cocoon. Getting your ex back cannot be your first option after a breakup, most times we get it horribly wrong.

What is patience you may ask, “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious”, now isn’t that beautiful? Let us develop patience in the process of healing, let us remember that in the scheme of things, we are still beautiful and all of us deserve to be loved.

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