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Money Can’t Buy Love

Money and love

It is said that money cannot buy love, and even though the saying is true, sometimes when you listen to the general buzz you would think very differently.

John heard his father say, “make sure you get a good education, so that you can land a great job and as a result will have a woman fall all over you”. So he went about his life, working hard, doing the best he could in providing for what his future family would come to enjoy.

Got through the first phase of it and then he met her, lovely girl! John was not distracted in school, never knew much about the ladies, never took the time, and just focused on the books, so when the time came after graduating and finding a good job he knew it was time to find his queen.

It was not very difficult, he met her as mentioned and she was indeed gorgeous! Because John had the means, it was not difficult to run off for a weekend, buy the finer things of life, they were just having fun. He wanted to propose to her, she had to be the one! but she beat him to it and asked if he thought about it, that she wanted to do it, saying that she found the perfect man and could not wait any longer.

In 1 year and 4 months they decided, and they started inviting their guest to be at the soon to be wedding ceremony. You could see it all over his face, he was happy, really deep down inside happy, then the thought came to John and his bride to be, counselling,  they decided it was a good idea to use their church Pastor who too was excited for them. The Pastor spoke about everything else during the sessions except about the relationship, which was okay to all in the room.

Now married the honeymooners had one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, and it was all very wonderful.

After a while the communication became difficult, they could not agree on anything literally. John and his wife did not want to do anything together and with all the money they had it was still difficult to connect. What could he buy her, she had everything to her comfort, you can do so much with money and no more.

He would find comfort outside of the marriage, but that too left him with a hallow in his belly that left him with so much guilt that he had to stop even without being caught. With all the money they had access to, the relationship just died and there was nothing they could do about it.

In these acrimonious manoeuvres, the notion of money as the source of happiness is thoroughly trashed. Money becomes the stuff of punishment and humiliation, and the irony is that the amassing of this money, making sure he had it plus an education may well have played a substantial part in the emotional dereliction couples face at the end, John was shattered, it made no sense, he did what his father told him to do and it would NOT bring him comfort and happiness.

Just know this, that when you are on the road to finding love, the physical and the material can play no part in the process or you will never find it.

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