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Power of the Hug

The hug is the simplest forms of affection that one human can offer to another. Even animals are known to hug each other in their own “physical” way.

african-american-couple-huggingIt was a normal morning when I stepped into the office, just another Monday morning, something about Mondays, but most days I am good, but on Monday mornings it was very difficult to get out of bed and go to the office. After a couple of years doing the same thing I was as demotivated as they come, I hated my job and although my colleagues were the dearest, I was annoyed that I had to work in this environment. My Manager would sometimes call me in to remind me that something else went wrong and for the life of me, it just felt like a ramble of some sort, never made sense, I just wanted to go.

Now the feeling of not feeling valued was so overwhelming that I called a good friend of mine, who worked on the same building and she said, I know the feeling, sometimes all you need is a hug and she hugged me. I am not sure what happened but there was a transfer of energy, like a magic potion, but immediately I felt better.

I thought about it for a while and remembered those times when I would get those wonderful hugs from my little niece, and the feeling that stayed with me after the hug. It’s too bad I can’t put that feeling in pill form and take it with me always, so when the feeling is overwhelming, the traffic is too much, just one of those days when everything is going wrong, I just pop the hug pill.

None the less, an adult hug is what I need. And it needs to be the kind of hug that is tight, and lasts for more than 3 seconds. I need just a brief moment to feel safe, secure, appreciated and justified. Does that make sense? Some persons will say *hugs* to you, or they will give the hug smiley, etc. Those are so nice to see, and the gesture is really appreciated. But it doesn’t have the healing properties that a true, real life hug can give.

African American couple hugging outdoors --- Image by © ERproductions Ltd/Blend Images/Corbis

It is said that Oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the “love hormone” or the “trust hormone,” is responsible for those indescribable feelings we get when we’re bonding with a lover or a loved one — and now researchers say it’s got a lot to do with aging. Well if there is any truth to that, I want my hug and I want it today.

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