Relationship Guide Review

‘Say a Prayer’ Don’t JUMP!

Seven years ago“Seven years ago, I was sitting on the ledge of a thirteenth floor window. I’d tried to quit drinking so many times but I couldn’t do it, and I’d finally given up. My mind was racing through all the shameful things I’d done, and I kept hearing this voice saying: ‘Jump you piece of …. Jump you piece of ….’ So I put my hands over my ears and started rocking back and forth on the window LEDGE.

Suddenly I heard this small, still voice: ‘Say a prayer,’ it said. And I didn’t want to hear it. It was kind of like your mother knocking on the door while you’re watching porn. But then I heard it again: ‘Say a prayer.’ So I started praying, and I totally surrendered, and I felt an evil presence leave me. And I just kept saying: ‘I can’t believe you still love me. I can’t believe you still love me.’ Then I cleaned up my room, threw away my baggies of coke, took a shower, and went to work.”

No matter what you are going through, sometimes you just have to stop and listen to that still voice in your head and say a little prayer, its never worth it to jump.

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