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Self-Care Is the Key to Better Mental Focus and Energy

Better Mental Focus

Built-up stress has a way of taking its toll. When we get stressed, we don’t sleep well. When we don’t sleep well, we lose focus and energy. Without focus and energy to tackle the day, we get stressed all over again. A vicious cycle begins, and our health can suffer.

Sound familiar? Chances are the real problem isn’t your brain or your focus – it’s your self-care habits. It’s time to take back your self-care and your mental health.

Get Your Blood Pumping

Better Mental Focus

Exercise is one of your body’s greatest resources for creating and sustaining energy. You might think that it sounds counter-intuitive. After all, you’re spending energy, not making it, right? Not so! Exercise pumps blood through your body and brain which promotes healing and muscle growth and stimulates thought capabilities. And every time you exercise, you train your body to be stronger and to give you even more energy the next day. Pretty sweet, right?

If you have trouble finding the inspiration to work out, try something like a fitness tracker that can count your steps and measure your heart rate. Newer models offer all sorts of fun fitness features, like a built-in ECG and workout management, and in case you get lost, some devices have real-time GPS to help you get back on track. 

Better Mental Focus

You might try bicycling if running or walking isn’t your gig. Rollerblading is an enjoyable exercise that gets you outdoors. When purchasing new skates, find blades that are comfortable and durable and roll easily. Do whatever is fun and you look forward to, and you will feel better emotionally and physically.

Reduce Stress by Taking Time to Relax

Exercising is needed to get your blood pumping, but Medical News Today notes it’s also important to bring your heart rate down a few pegs, and figure out how to do this on purpose. Take quiet time for you and your thoughts, away from the bustle and demands of daily life. 

It doesn’t need to be forever. Just a few moments of inner peace can help you stay centred and focused. Settle in for some meditation, try mindfulness, which is like quiet hyper-awareness of your environment, or just let your thoughts wander on their own for a few minutes without direction. You’ll feel worlds better, and your stress will lift away if you let it for better mental focus.

Get Enough Sleep

Better Mental Focus

Quit shorting yourself on sleep. Sure, you’re a super-person and can “make do” on three hours a night if you have to. But don’t do that too often, or you’ll run short on your mental resources and find yourself making mistakes. Instead, find the right amount of sleep for you to wake up feeling refreshed, but not groggy. There’s a perfect number for everyone. Some people need a full nine hours to feel right in a day, some people need only six. Find that happy place for you and then set your alarm. 

Better Mental Focus

If you struggle with settling in at night, take a hard look at your surroundings. A cluttered bedroom, for example, can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, which means you need to organize your surroundings. By decluttering your bedroom, as well as your entire home, you can release all of the negative bad it has inadvertently captured. For better mental health, an introspection has to be done. 

If you feel like every day is more difficult and less focused than the last, then what you need is a renewed dedication to a self-care routine. Try these simple tips for better mental health to take better care of yourself physically and mentally. You’ll find your focus and energy-returning in no time. Probably after the first time you have a great workout and a deep night’s sleep!


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