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Are you unhappy in your relationship? Experts say there are 8 sure signs it is time to call it quits

  • There are 8 signs that prove you’re unhappy with your partner
  • Rachel Maclynn, a psychologist and relationship expert, has revealed a few of them
  • Includes losing your spark, working late and lack of compliments 

You are going along in your relationship, there are no red flags jumping out at you, but there is this lack of enthusiasm, it is like going through the motion.

We would go to the gym together, however, when I search my mind, that was pretty much it… I held on to that for 6 years, there was nothing else to hold on to as the minute we got home, we would fight for who should have a bath first and then we went to our usual spots and that was it for the night. I got my inspiration to write a blog after a certain time in the nights and when I am ready to go to bed my partner was already sleeping.

We were like strangers, it was easier to stay out of each other’s way than to be arguing about who left the unwashed plate in the sink, why such a simple thing would tick me off so much?

Here are a few things to observe about your relationship that could be indicators that it is time to call it quits:

1. Your friends are the first to know. They ask you every day, are you okay, you do not seem like yourself? It is very true that when you are in an unhappy relationship you will not rest well at nights and this can be seen in the way you approach work, school and just about most things in life, it is not unusual for you to feel a lack of enthusiasm when your relationship is not what you think it should be.

2. Wanting to spend more time alone. Work is finished and it is time to go home, but you do a B-line to a friends place, or you stop by the club and when its time to go home you feel a kick in the stomach, that is definitely not a good sign.

3. Compliments are few. When you are with your partner and you cannot find something to compliment he/she about then you know your relationship is on the spiral down. They say you sometimes have to fake it to make it, but after a while, if you faking it for too long, you will become resentful.

4. Sex feels like a chore. After years of being together, your sex drive will definitely go down, however, if you find that there is no arousal for a while and you feel no intention to improve on your intimacy then it is time to get introspective about your relationship.  Feeling no arousal when your partner is close to you is suggesting more serious issues to explore. See this link.

5. You belittle your partner. You may be sensitive to your partner’s feelings, but if you find that you are belittling your partner behind their back let alone in front of family and friends then this could be a clear sign it may be time to call it quits.

6. The tendency to shout. Your partner walks in the room and you feel annoyed they ask a question and you feel the need to shout, asking them if they are stupid or what? When you are losing control of the tone you use with your partner this is a clear sign that maybe it is time to call it quits.

7. You take no pride in your appearance. I am sure you can remember those days when you planned dates with your partner and you would dress only to please your partner, but now anything goes, the spark is gone, the fight to get the spark going is just not working.

8. Your confidence level drops to an all-time low. You may find yourself questioning your level of attractiveness because whether your partner knows it or not, he/she is making you feel unhappy in yourself, which contradicts how a partner should make you feel.

These are all signs it is time to call it quits but irrespective of these signs sometimes with counselling and information you can turn it around.


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