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Sleeping with your Best Friend (Taboo?)

A friend of mine started talking and I will relate her story, just the way she gave it to me, I will pass it on to you.

cheatersShe said… “We were friends for as long as I can remember, we could end each other’s sentences, and in fact most persons thought we were an item, always thinking we were a couple.

I was in and out of relationships and was always comparing my ex boyfriend’s with my best friend.

There was a big crush when I was small, but that was all it was, not sure why, just never thought of being in an intimate relationship, the topic just never came up seriously, we would joke around but never crossed the line.

It was summer, no classes and studying for a while, I felt elated, what am I going to do with the time, a million and one things were floating through my mind.

We spoke about it and decided we could we get away together, neither of us were in a relationship, sure there were prospects but nothing serious, so why not?

The day in question was so exciting for me, packed up the vehicle of choice, booked our Hotel and took off, beach, food and music, I just could not wait.

When we arrived the smell of the air was so different from the usual, tourist were coming and going, the smiles of people who are on vacation is so very different from those of persons attending school or doing a stressful work week.

We were finally booked in, separate rooms, however our first night together we were lying beside each other in one of the rooms watching a favourite movie of ours.

We started to kiss and it led to sex. The sex was satisfying, in fact we wasted our money because we slept together every night for the duration of our stay at the hotel.

It was the last day, back to reality… I had my fill of the hotel and was looking forward to getting home.

He called me up and wanted to talk, sure why not; we talked all the time, but he said, that “he was always in love with me, that there was no other woman to compare, that the week together confirmed his feelings and he wanted me in his life, permanently”.

He is my best friend in all the world, I would not trade him for anyone, but I am not in love with him, I know in my heart. Maybe I am wrong but I do not get butterflies, I do not miss him when he is away from me, I am not even sure why I gave in to allowing the sex, yes it was good, but that was all it was to me.

His persistency is turning me off, I told him this is all too sudden, that I never thought about us that way, but it would appear that I am going to lose my best friend because I slept with him. Maybe the saying is true, making love is a celebration of the feelings of love and not the other way around.”

It was a lesson for me, I think to some extent when we have a good friend of the opposite sex we flirt with the what if? The verdict is still out on that one.

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