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Spending most of his time with his friends

It is commonly believed that the more we are together the happier we shall be, while that could be true, there are times when being together so much could be overwhelming for one and perfectly normal for the other, your significant other is spending most of his time with his friends?
A lot of men and women need to spend time away from their spouse with friends. That said, if your boyfriend/husband is spending too much time with friends, you may feel resented or neglected.
Spending most of his time with his friendsWhen someone is hurting in the relationship then it’s time to take notice.

Some men may not want to change their relationships with their friends after getting married or think their marriage will need to shift. Others may not realize that they can still maintain those friendships and prioritize the needs of their spouse.

What should you do if your husband is more interesting in-game night as opposed to date night?

Talking to Your SO about Spending Time with Friends

The first step to resolving this problem understands how you feel. Why do you think this upsets you? Is your significant another spending more time with friends than before you were married or when you both decided to become exclusive? Are the friends invading your new home, or keeping him away from it? Are you being fair or do you have issues with trust?
Next, tell your spouse how you feel. Let him know that you’d like to spend more alone time with him.

his friendsYou may or may not want time exclusively alone. Explain that while you respect his need to spend time with his friends, you want to devote time to your relationship.

Listening to His Feelings

Make sure to ask your spouse to share his reaction to your feelings. Does he see where you are coming from? What are his expectations for how his friendships should be now that you are exclusive?

See what ideas he has for resolving the problem. Then, you must negotiate and compromise until you come up with a schedule and ground rules about having friends over or going out with them. You should discuss which activities that you, as a couple, deem appropriate with friends. Maybe you do not think that going to the movie with friends is appropriate, or maybe you would like to see less or more of his pals in your home.

His Friends

Be open and sensitive to your spouse’s need for friends. He may not be trying to get away from you if he spends a lot of time with friends. He may be trying to prove to himself that he can balance all of his relationships. Ultimately, discuss the matter together and come up with a solution as a couple. Refrain from speaking badly of your significant other friends, even if you have a bad feeling.

With a good talk, hopefully, you and your spouse can come up with an arrangement that honours your time together and respects time spent apart and his friends will not be such an issue.

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