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Surviving the long-distance Relationship in Modern times

There are no two ways about it, long-distance relationship sucks! The reality is however long-distance relationships are becoming more commonplace since we are now a global community, persons are migrating every day because of work, school and family. Love can find you anywhere and so here you are in a long-distance relationship and feeling alone, but there are indeed ways in making the long-distance relationship work, do not be quick to give up on the connection because of distance.

long-distance RelationshipTalk time is important

Scheduling calls are important, never leave it to chance. Some couples will be thinking of their lover, wondering when the other person is going to call next, having the expectation that the more calls, the more the person cares but that is not a good approach as persons have a different approach to calls, texting, Skyping etc. It could be every day or every other day, but decide on how you both will approach this, it does make a difference.

long-distance RelationshipKeep your communication sweet

Do not focus on how much you miss each other and how hard it is to be away, but make your time together count, talk about stuff that makes you both happy and that enhances the connection. Long-distance kingship will give you the patience you need to survive your exclusive relationship, well for some.

Never text when you are upset about something

Angry text can be misunderstood, in fact, the majority of long-distance that fails is because of a misunderstanding with texting. Be patient and wait until talk time either by phone or Skype in addressing difficult issues.

Long distance relationship

Be open about your goals

One of you could eventually be thinking about marriage and settling down in your home town somewhere, while the other is just in it for the short-term, a long-distance Relationship can affect the processing, looking for fun at a certain stage in life, things are not going to work if you are not open at honest with your desires. It is always easier to be honest and not engage than to engage and then be honest.

Plan Trips

See each other as often as you can, however, that will depend on distance and finance, so do it as often as you can within reason because if you do it and it becomes stressful for one or both, it will crash in the end. Long-distance Relationship is on the rise.

longdistancerelationship5Surprises are good

I am not suggesting your surprise your partner to see what they are up to, but it would be cool to do surprise visits or should I say unscheduled visits, so you can give him/her a heads up before popping in.

Integrating is key

You will be tempted to spend all your short time with each other between the sheets, but it is recommended that you continue to do the same things making your partner a part of your daily routine. Introducing him to your favourite coffee shop, the gym you attend, friends that you hang out with on a regular basis, this will certainly enhance the relationship.

Using your time wisely

When your partner is not around, staying home and watching romantic movies and listening to sad love songs of missing them, is not going to help. Get out and learn a hobby, enrol in a cooking class, do the gym, learn to play the piano. Long-distance doesn’t mean boring.

AA026407Something that you probably never heard about before but it is now very commonplace and works in a long-distance friendships. Decide on a movie to watch, both doing it at the same time, text each other during the movie and you will be surprised how exciting that can be. Long-distance Relationship are on the rise.

Spontaneous digital sex

Be creative with words and start describing what you want to be done to you and what you want to do to your partner, this will give you a sneak preview into what the person wants and what turns them on. It is reported that when persons in long-term relationships meet, there is no guessing in how to please their partner, another reason why long distance relationships have some advantage to it.

Long-Distance Relationship

Do not allow distance to come between you and the one you love. Commit to the distance and you should be okay, funny how time flies when you are having fun.

Get on the Same Page. If you are challenged after trying then seek advice we are here to help you.


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