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Texting Your Ex before the big Day

You have been dating for a while and he decides to propose… you have never been happier. Social media have taken over, your engagement is all over social media and the news of spiraling out of control. Texting your ex may not be appropriate at this time however let us proceed.

Texting Your Ex

People you’ve known for years may find out about your engagement strictly from casually scrolling through their Facebook feed and people you used to be in serious relationships with may find out by stalking your Instagram feed.

While it may seem like a bad idea to reach out to an ex with the news of your engagement, it may be the right and very necessary thing to do before your wedding day.

There are a couple of reasons you should consider before you wedding day as it relates to informing your ex.

  1. The clingy ex-boyfriend can be a handful. Those drunk calls in the middle of the night can be embarrassing especially for that jealous boyfriend who will not understand that despite your repeated plea to your ex to move on, to leave you alone, some men will continue to try… that is just their way. Do not be afraid to let him know that you are getting married. Texting your ex to let him know about your marriage could be that final nail that seals the coffin.


  1. You may find that you are not fully 100 percent over your ex, even though you’ve met someone else and fallen in love with them. If you have kept in touch with your ex over the years, perhaps in the kind of close contact you don’t want anyone else to know about, texting your ex before that special day to let them know that whatever you have between each other, whether tension or leftover feelings, it’s officially over.


  1. If you have an ex is still hung up on you and the memories of you, it might be a good idea to reach out to them with news of your engagement before it spreads through the grapevine. Having them find out directly from the source, before a picture of you with your diamond ring goes “viral” on Facebook, may help them ease the pain that you are never ever getting back together with them.

Texting Your Ex

You may not think it is necessary to text your ex and share the good news of your engagement and marriage, however human dynamics can be very tricky and being courteous is never going to be outdated. I felt honored when my ex called me up and declared that she was getting married, I felt that our friendship superseded any difficulty we had in establishing and intimate relationship and it felt good.


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