Relationship Guide Review

The 10 Most Popular Topics on the Web

10_most_popular_topics-1024x658We decided to have a look at the ten most talked about topics on the web and found out that love and family was a mere 3%. We are a little taken by that figure and wondered with all that is happening with love and family, why were more persons not talking about it.

Synthesio recently divided their index among 40 different categories that they’ve seen to be the major categories for web sites. Using this classification they were able to analyse over 200 million verbatim to analyse what the top 10 most popular topics on the web are.

We should be talking about love and family a little more than we are, we should read, read and read again the information that is out there on love and family.

Let me encourage you to explore all avenues of love and family, because when you get that right, most other things will fall into place.

Let’s talk relationship!

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