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The Pitt’s are Splitting: Divorce is ugly

 Divorce is uglyThe world is Shocked! Divorce is ugly, whether you are a celebrity or not when the word divorce is mentioned people take note and for those of us who have had the experience we mourn as if it was death.

Divorce is Ugly

If you are married and socialize with a group of friends on a regular basis, at some point at least one couple if not several couples in that group will go through a divorce. It’s inevitable. The divorce statistics are too high. Almost one in every two marriages ends in divorce these days and most of those divorces turn ugly. You know, you see it all the time. The “once” loving couple is now slinging mud at each other from across an expensive conference table in a high-powered attorney’s office. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. The Pitt’s are asking for privacy, how could they when for everything else their business was out there.

So now what?

As in any divorce, the lawyers will commence dickering, mostly behind closed doors. As in any celeb divorce, the usual unnamed “sources” will commence leaking like sieves to favored media to benefit one side or the other. If everyone keeps their head, Jolie and Pitt will avoid the sort of media circus that surrounded the Depp/Heard divorce, with its duelling allegations of domestic abuse and mendacity.

The world accepted Brad and Jolie together, something about taking care of so many kids and giving to so many charities and despite their past they were hanging in there, despite the various challenges you were routing for their success, divorce is ugly.

We would however leave this with our readers:

If you’re unhappy, go to your spouse and tell them what’s wrong. Be completely honest.

Communicate to your spouse and figure out if the two of you want to make an effort to save the marriage or not. No pretending to be innocent and harbouring bad feeling.

Look at your role in why the marriage is breaking up and own your crap. Don’t just blame the other person.

Communicate the truth about the marriage. Walk away knowing it was both of you who contributed to the downfall of your marriage. It’s a powerful feeling.

Let us explore every opportunity necessary in keeping our marriages alive, divorce is ugly.

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