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5 Things every man should know about a woman

It’s true that a woman’s mood can change on a dime. This emotional roller coaster may leave you feeling dazed and confused. The good news is that you can learn to respond in an appropriate and positive manner that is truly a gift to your partner when she is upset, there are just some things every man should know about a woman.

things every man should know


A woman’s self-esteem rises and falls like a wave. When a woman’s wave rises, she feels as though she has an abundance of love to give. When it crashes down she feels her inner emptiness and needs to be filled up with love.



For a woman, this experience of crashing down is like falling into a deep, dark well. And when a woman goes into her “well,” she is sinking into her unconscious self, into darkness and diffused feeling and this is among the things every man should know.



This type of bottoming out is a time for emotional housekeeping.



As a woman goes down into the well, she may suddenly experience a host of unexplained emotions and vague feelings. She may feel hopeless, overwhelmed, insecure, resentful, mistrustful, worried — she may think she is alone or unsupported, things every man should know.



If she has suppressed any negative feelings or denied herself in order to be more loving on the upswing of her wave, then on the downswing she will begin to experience these negative feelings and unfulfilled needs. During this “down time,” she especially needs to talk about problems and be heard and understood.



When a woman goes into her well, her deepest issues tend to surface. These issues may have to do with her relationship, but usually they are heavily charged from her past relationships and childhood. Whatever remains to be healed or resolved from her past inevitably will come up.



1 A man’s love and support cannot instantly resolve a woman’s issues.

Your love, however, can make it safe for her to go deeper into the well. You can expect her issues to come up again and again. Each time, however, you will get better at supporting her.

things every man should know

Remember that it’s not your fault, and find out how to deal with it…


2  When a woman goes into her well, it is not a man’s fault.


In other words, you cannot — and should not — try to prevent it from happening. Some men in an attitude to change it will ignore, shout, threaten and bully the woman.


3  A woman has the ability to rise up after she has hit rock bottom.

A man does not have to fix her. She is not broken but simply needs your love, patience and understanding. Give her only what she needs at this point.


4 Expect it, and deal with it

It is essential that a woman feel safe going into the well; otherwise, she will suppress her negative feelings. Her only alternative to the well is to avoid intimacy or to numb her feelings through addictions like drinking, overeating, overworking, or over-care taking.


When negative feelings are suppressed, positive feelings become suppressed as well, and love dies as a result.



Without this emotional catharsis, a woman slowly loses her ability to love and to grow in love. If her wave nature is obstructed, she gradually becomes hard-hearted and passionless.



5 Be there for her

If a woman is not fully supported when she has these normal unhappy times, she will be unable to be truly happy. So, instead of taking this downward spiral personally, understand that women simply need some “bottoming out” time to release, heal, and purify the emotions.



Taking an occasional dip into the well is a natural, healthy process for a woman, and she will ultimately be happier in the relationship for having your support when she goes there.


Things every man should know

What you do is withdraw… even though you do not show anger, you show disdain and as a result she disappears instead of hearing you complain that she is being unreasonable and your woman doesn’t want to hear you complain about this and that… we spoke about this, I just hope you get it, because once you are planning to have a successful relationship you will have to deal with this, because most women that you see walking around looking all beautiful will normally experiences this behaviour, their ability to manage comes with experience. They do not unleash on you because you are not their partner, however once you become intimate with someone it is best to see all sides of them and you will see her moods and she expect you to understand, however most of us never do… ugh!

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