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What if a condom doesn’t work?

I have heard it too many times to ignore the plea, what if the condom doesn’t work?

condom doesn't workFor years there are some who were not frequent wearers of the condom, the condom may not work for them but with the growing concern with HIV and other diseases folks are encouraged to wear a condom.

“I am 64. My girlfriend is 48. She cannot take the pill, so I wear a condom. I have no problem having an orgasm without a condom but when I wear one, I don’t get the same sensation. Today, I had her stroke me while having intercourse, but the position is uncomfortable for her. Oral is out – she had a bad experience in the past.” says John. 

A climax is important for some people, if no climax then sex is not really enjoyed and it is important to note like in John’s case, he had some great experiences before he started using a condom.

The first thing to do is to experiment with different kinds of condoms. A wide variety is available on the market, and certain types might allow a better sensation for you. But try to think creatively about your sexual styles. Is it important for you to climax during intercourse, or could you enjoy “her favourite” for a while, then remove the condom and invite her to bring you to orgasm manually – with your help and guidance?

The Condom Doesn’t Work

As men age, they need more direct genital stimulation, so as a couple you will have to find ways to cater to your needs, the fact that the condom doesn’t work may not have anything to do with the condom. For example, I am sure that the erotic imaginations of you and your wife could lead you both to devise exciting ways to achieve orgasm.

It would also be reasonable for your own hand to provide the finishing touch if the condom doesn’t work. The best sex occurs when teaching, learning and experimentation takes place between partners who ask for what they truly need.

That is the only way I think that two persons will truly enjoy intercourse, through interacting. If the condom doesn’t work, there are so many other things that you can try.

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