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When is it time to Introduce your partner to your parents

I was terrified when my partner decided to introduce me to her parents for some reason after 9 months of dating I still thought I was not ready. If you are dating a guy and you are nervous about introducing him to your parents then it is time to check the relationship.

Introduce your partner to your parents

My trial and error have led me to be writing about it and you may not have to go through the same nervous feeling I did. Relationship experts everywhere have favourable advice for those who are thinking about it and maybe experiencing some anxieties. April Masini, has some advice on the topic on how to read the signs that the timing is right for introducing you’re SO to your parents. It turns out it’s not as complicated as my experience of blundering parental meet (not-so) cutes. Here’s how to be sure the time is right.

Give yourself some time. Getting to know your partner is very important, but I can understand if you met someone and you are swept off your feet then you just want to introduce them to your parents. Resist the temptation, get to know the person first, if you introduce too early your parents are going to see right through you and will more interrogating than accepting.

Meeting friends. We sometimes take it for granted but it is a great test run to see how your partner actually responds to your friends. I do not like your friend’s comment is not one you will like to hear but it will certainly worth analysing if your partner and your friends do not get along. If they are not getting along with your friends then I would think twice before introducing them to the parents.

Have you met their parents? If you have then that is a great sign that your SO is thinking about you in a serious way. Introduce your partner to your parents doesn’t have to be so difficult. If they have, it’s because they feel strongly about the relationship and want their parents’ input and approval,” Masini says. In other words, if you’ve already met their parents, it’s safe to suggest that they meet yours.

Introduce your partner to your parents

Is it natural? If you are spending many hours together, it has been going on for a while, doing dinner together, the first person you go to if there are issues, then your gut feeling will chip right in, the best way to know when it is okay to introduce is that you will feel that feeling inside that says it is time.

There is concrete behaviour that you can use outside of just your feelings. Are you doing all the things that couples do, like planning vacations together, dropping cash on large mutual purchases, or — and this is the big one — planning to spend holidays together? Then, according to Masini, it’s time to include families in the equation

Couples have dated for more than 2 years and no one from the family was even aware that a relationship was happening, this is never good when your partner is reluctant and it is equally not so good if your partner is suggesting meeting the parents and you are dying from an anxiety attack. Yes, it is a big deal!! but you do not have to be scared, pace your relationship over time, do not be quick to do it, once you pace your relationship when it is time the fear will go away.

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