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Will you marry me?

It is every woman’s dream to be asked, “Will you marry me?

They say every woman’s dream is to walk down the aisle while someone special is waiting for her on the other end near the altar, but most women would differ and say that their dream is to marry someone who will love them and treat them right for the rest of their lives.

Will you marry me?I am not sure why but the Run Away Bride I thought was hilarious. A small-town girl, she was on everyone’s hit list, she was beautiful and talented and after accomplishing a lot, the next move was to get married, so said the persons in her town, but she was just not ready. She would accept the engagement, admire the ring on her finger, the excitement of a wedding dress and the men that proposed to her were good men, in fact, great guys. She would even turn up at the church at the beat from the musicians, “Here comes the bride” she would scamper off and all that money and preparation would just go up into the air like a puff.

It is a movie, but the number of women I have spoken to that would say to me when I was preparing to walk down that aisle, they just wanted to run! Will you marry me?

The wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took place on Wednesday 29 July 1981[1] at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, United Kingdom. The groom was the heir to the British throne, and the bride was a member of the Spencer family.

Their marriage was widely billed as a “fairytale wedding” and the “wedding of the century”. It was watched by an estimated global TV audience of 750 million people.[2][3] Events were held around the Commonwealth to mark the wedding. Many street parties were held throughout the United Kingdom to celebrate the occasion. The couple separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996 after fifteen years of marriage. The question still is what was the buzz about?

Coming from a Christian background, marriage was always on the cards for me, but for some reason, the thought of living with someone forever and ever was a bit of scary thing, so I took my time in choosing who I thought was the right person. I remember when I asked her the question, “Will you marry me?” I already knew the answer, we spoke about it so many times, she knew it was coming and yet when I proposed, she said, FINALLY!

To date, I have not responded to the remark, but it just goes to show that women are very different from men, what was finally about? When it is time you will know, if you are forcing the time and feelings, then you are just not ready.

Here are some facts about the engagement ring:

“Wearing your engagement ring on the left hand is not a global tradition. In Russia, Germany, Norway and India, engagement rings are worn on the right hand. This derives from ‘left’, in Latin, meaning ‘sinister’. Therefore, the left hand was considered unlucky by some. 

In Sweden and Chile, it is not just brides-to-be that receive engagement rings, men wear them too. In Chile, these are worn on the right hand until marriage, when they are exchanged onto the left.

It is not just engagement rings that are exchanged as a mark of an upcoming wedding ceremony. Traditionally in China, money and other goods are exchanged instead of engagement rings.

In Northern Kenya, the Samburu warriors wear ornate beadings around their neck, with certain colours used to indicate engagement.” Diamond Mark, (Diamond is forever). 

Proposals are really sweet, don’t you think?

With all that, however, if you are not mentally and spiritually prepare for such a journey, it would be better if you did as the runaway bride did. It is better to safe than to be sorry. Before you say, Will you marry me? think before you answer, “I will!”


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