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I want a divorce!

I want a divorce!For years you have been unhappy, you have tried counselling, going on dates, getting away to a romantic setting and read all the blogs and books that promise to turn your marriage around in a few weeks, still, you still have the nagging voice in your head that you are unhappy with someone you have known all your life.

As a divorcee I remembered when I thought about divorce the questions that were rushing through my mind, the anger I felt and how painful it was to come to that place when in your mind you are absolutely sure you know it’s really over. At first, you blame everyone who contributed to the coming together of you and your partner, even blaming yourself for making such a mistake, I know I did. Communicating to your partner “I want a divorce!” is for some the scariest feeling in the world.

There is so much to say on this topic, however, I will leave the blog I want a divorce! for you to ponder for a while.

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