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Titanic Mystery Solved

Every once in a while Folks will have  a conversation about their “favourite movies.” I’ll mention Titanic, and at least a couple of people will snicker. I pay them no mind because I know that five years ago, these same people were moved to tears by that very movie. And they’re too embarrassed now to admit it.

I just  watched the movie Titanic again after a long time. Expecting to simply enjoy the story again, I was surprised to find that the movie has lost none of its power over these five years. I cried again…. in all the same places. It brought me back to 1997 when I can remember how a movie that no one thought would break even became the most popular movie of all time. A movie that burst into the public consciousness like no other movie I can recall (yes, even more than Star Wars). And today, many people won’t even admit they enjoyed it.

Most movies that show gallantry and true love normally touches the heart. We are pleased to share this short video of how important the concept was.

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