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When Life happens the unthinkable can happen

When Life happens

WHEN LIFE HAPPENS: People gather to watch a water gun salute during a memorial for the victims and heroes that risked and lost their lives on September 11, 2001, at the Bellagio Hotel on September 11, 2003, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

John Ogonowski grew up on a farm and never wanted to give up that life, even as he pursued a distinguished military and civilian flying career. While a young pilot for American Airlines, John began buying land in his hometown of Dracut, Mass., and eventually developed a second career as a hay farmer. John’s wife, Peg Ogonowski, was a flight attendant at American, and they knew her salary would not be enough to support their three young daughters and keep their farm going if something were to happen to John.

On Sept. 11, 2001, when life happens, the unthinkable happened. Terrorists hijacked American Flight 11, commanded by Capt. Ogonowski, and flew it into the World Trade Center. In an instant, Peg found herself at the centre of the worst terror attack in the nation’s history, her grief compounded by concerns about how she would manage without John.

The oldest daughter, Laura, then 16, was beside herself with the absence of her father. It is always sad when a family loses a member.

It is 14 years since the 9/11 attack; however, the experience lives in our hearts, and we say thanks to all those gallant firemen and women who were first on the scene and those families who have lost a loved one to be strong.

When LIfe Happens

Widow Peg Ogonowski Is Remarrying To Bill HatchWidow Peg Ogonowski remarried and is happy again, Bill Hatch is making sure to do that, so there is hope after a disaster when life happens.

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